Stainless Steel Chimata (Cooking tong #3)

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Product Overview

  • Stainless Steel Bread cooking Tong (Roti Tong & chipiya) Chapati Chimta.
  • Great for tossing and handling steaming hot bread, this must have silver shaded tongs is a useful kitchen tool.
  • Clean Easy to Clean. Suitable For Rotis / Chapati Strong and sturdy, Easy to wash & clean. Triangle Latch for hanging the tong and convenient storage.
  • These tongs are sturdy enough to serve meat, fishes, and vegetable.Comfortable hand grips. Great for front or back of the house service
  • Sturdy tips make it easy for lifting, fliping, turning and rotating rotis, chapatis, parathas, breads and other food items on gas 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review